Peas in a Pod Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads


REUSABLE BAMBOO COTTON PADS - Made from Natural Bamboo Fiber, super soft and comfortable for cleansing delicate skin. Includes 6-piece reusable cotton pads and a cute cotton mesh bag. The best alternative for a sustainable skincare routine.

AMAZING BENEFITS - Eco-friendly & Zero Waste, these reusable, and washing machine-friendly cotton pads are appropriate for all skin types, including dry, oily, and sensitive. It will help remove all your waterproof makeup softly, naturally, and with no trace. Leaving your skin smooth, soft, clean, and fresh. Women, men, and even babies can easily use these cotton pads!

Main Material:

Biodegradable Bamboo fiber


  • Washing machine safe, reusable after wash.
  • The image is for reference only, please check the actual size.
  • Product is excluded from promotions and/or discounts.
  • This product is made in China


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