Help and FAQ

01. How should I apply my products?

Botanic Pretti5's products are for external and topical use only. Generally speaking, we start the skincare ritual with cleanser to wash the face,followed by toner to hydrate the skin and then serum. Finish the ritual with moisturizer for the day or overnight mask before you head to bed.You can add a few drops of Miracle Facial Oil to further hydrate the skin.Please refer to the recommended steps in the HOW TO USE sectionof the products you intend to use.Remember to massage your skin gently with any of our products. Don’t rub in!

02. What should I do if I find irritations and allergy after applying the products?

Botanic Pretti5 is cautious in its ingredient selection making sure that they are mild and safe to use. Since skin reactions may vary among different people, we recommend patch testing before use. Stop using and consult your medical professional immediately in the unlikely event of irritation or an allergic reaction. Botanic Pretti5 products are made for topical and external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.

03. Will Botanic Pretti5 products expire?

Our products have an unopened shelf-life of 24 months or an open shelf-life of 12months. Please keep the products in a dry cool placeto ensure its best condition.

04. Is Botanic Pretti5 cruelty-free?

Botanic Pretti5 Skincare is 100% cruelty-free and we do not test our formulas on animals.

05. Is Botanic Pretti5 vegan?

Botanic Pretti5 is vegan-friendly and does not use animal-derived ingredients.

06. Are Botanic Pretti5's products all organic or all-natural?

We source ingredients that are natural. However, Botanic Pretti5 does not solely focus on all-natural formulas. We use a high percentage of natural ingredients but also ingredients made in the lab. We take the best of both worlds i.e. nature and science to help your skin glow best and healthily.We do AVOID ingredients that may cause irritation, such as SLS, SLES, parabens, mineral oil, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances and absolute ethanol.

07. Does Botanic Pretti5 have any products for pregnant or nursing moms?

Generally speaking, topical skincare products that are not prescribed by a doctor are safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing. However,as precautionary measures, we recommend checking with your doctor the ingredient list of any product you intend to use during pregnant or nursing.

08. Where can I purchase Botanic Pretti5 products?

Botanic Pretti5 is exclusively available at at the moment. Come visit us anytime!

09. How can I receive Botanic Pretti5 samples?

10. In what currency will I be charged?

All transactions in our store will be charged in HKD. Other displayed currency is only an estimation guide from the live currency exchange rate. Your bank will charge you in your local currency according to their exchange rate on the day. Please note that some banks charge a small transaction fee for currency exchange.