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Don’t know where to keep your surgical masks when you need to take them off temporarily?

Pretti5 Care Pouch is a zip-lock and snap pouch packed in ONE!

You can better organize both used and brand new surgical masks with this multipurpose pouch =)

Botanic Pretti5_Mask pouch

Product Description:

Easy to Carry:  Soft material.  Easy to fold and carry

Keeping Things Organized:  Easy to organize both used and new surgical masks.

Reusable:  Pretti5 Care Pouch can be used as cosmetic pouch, passport case or even coins pouch

Easy to Clean:  Simply use 75% ethyl alcohol or use a damp cloth to wipe the inner compartment clean

Safe to Use:  FDA Tested Material & safe for daily use


* Skincare products and surgical masks are not included

* May be excluded from promotions and/or discounts

* Made in China



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