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Avoid grease overproduction with gently hydrating products that don't strip the skin's natural moisture.


1. Hydro-Power Brightening Cleanser:

It’s all about foam, foam, foam! Mild yet highly effective, a peanut-sized amount of this cleanser will do the trick. Spread it around to build a fine, gentle foam to cleanse the face without stripping away its natural oils.


2. Antioxidant Hydrating Toning Essence:

Gently pat onto the face to re-energize your skin with a refreshing drink of water! Be careful not to over-exfoliate if you're using cotton pads.


3. Advanced Hyaluronic Serum:

Hyaluronic Acid and Provitamin B5 are oily skin’s best friends. These two key ingredients prevent sebum overproduction arising from deep-seated skin dehydration. Light and non-sticky, this skin-loving serum is easily absorbed for an instant boost of hydration.


4. Intensive Water-Glow Moisturizer:

Oily skin tends to rapidly lose moisture at night, leading to rapid, excess sebum secretion. If you have oily skin, keep it simple with a light moisturizer, and avoid the T-zone to balance out oily, dehydrated skin.


Tips: A common symptom of oily skin is a shiny surface that conceals deep-level dehydration. Seal your skincare routine by patting on a layer of lightweight moisturizer, then massaging in a drop of facial oil evenly across the skin to lock in moisture! This final key step is crucial for regulating oil levels and restoring balance.



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