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Japanese Apricot Seed Extract

Effective antiglycation agent that improves sallow, dull skin caused by glycation.


Goldflower Root Extract

Natural anti-pollution agent and antioxidant which effectively blocks out environmental pollutants, smoke, UV and free radicals that accelerate aging signs.


Sea Kelp Extract

Nutritious with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Facilitates epidermal growth and hydration reactions. Reduces inflammation, calms skin and soothes redness resulting from rosacea or acne.


Rosehip Oil

Rich in vitamins A and C, which boost collagen formation and cell regeneration. Natural exfoliator and antioxidant which brightens and nourishes skin. Also moisturizes skin, protecting it against dehydration and inflammation caused by dryness, rosacea or eczema.


Lavender Oil

Naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Effectively reduces redness. Soothes eczema and dry skin. Antioxidant that has impressive skin brightening and anti-aging effects.


Vitamins C & E

Powerful antioxidants that reverse aging signs. Essential nutrients for healthy skin.