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Snow Mushroom Extract (Eco-certed)

Snow mushroom is known for its long history of medicinal usage. Highly moisturizing, effective in retaining water and protecting skin, leaving it smooth and supple.


Goldflower Root Extract

Natural anti-pollution agent and antioxidant which effectively blocks out environmental pollutants, smoke, UV and free radicals that accelerate aging signs.


Horsetail Kelp Extract

Derived from brown seaweed found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Nutritious with vitamins B12, C, E and K. Soothing and highly moisturizing.


Hydrolyzed Rice Extract

Rich in antioxidants and effective in brightening skin tone.


Aloe Vera Extract

Naturally found in harsh environments in Africa, known for its powerful abilities to retain and replenish skin’s natural water reserves. Also hydrates, softens, calms and repairs skin.


Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide

Potent probiotic which helps maintain and support skin’s natural microbiota, lessening redness, irritation and infection. Maintains skin’s pH balance and immune system. Non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin.


Provitamin B5

Highly effective moisturizer which improves skin’s softness and prevents the appearance of fine lines.