• GUA SHAGUA SHA is an ancient Chinese healing technique. It is a natural, alternative treatment in which your skin is scraped with a massage tool to increase circulation and to improve skin tone and texture. Our Rose Quartz GUA SHA Tool is one of a kind with our logo engraved in Pearl White.

  • BENEFITS - Helps improve blood circulation, skin tone, the elasticity of the skin, and lymphatic drainage. Also reduces puffiness, wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and eliminates toxins.

    Pamper yourself with a little spa sesh at home!

    Precautions for using GUA SHA:

    1. At the beginning of GUA SHA, thoroughly cleanse your skin, your GUA SHA Tool and hands to avoid dirt and bacteria.
    2. Best to go with Miracle Glow Facial Oil after a shower to help improve blood circulation and skin hydration. With Hydro-rescue Repairing Night Mask for enhanced restoration overnight.
    3. There may be obvious redness, it is recommended to rinse with warm water after scraping to prevent clogging of the pores.
    4. The number of GUA SHA you do can be determined according to your own skin condition and strength of scraping, up to two times a week. For first-timers, please scrape gently, and observe whether there are any reactions on the face.


100% Natural Rose Quartz

Each product comes with a velvet pouch



  • Made of natural stone, the final product may appear different from the picture.
  • The image is for reference only, please check the actual size.
  • Product is excluded from promotions and/or discounts.
  • This product is made in China 


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