01. What is Membership Rewards??

Membership Rewards is our loyalty program designed to reward you for taking your skincare journey with us! Through the program, you will be eligible to earn points whenever you engage with Botanic Pretti5, such as making a purchase and referring us to your friends =)

02. Who is eligible for Membership Rewards?

Everyone! Just sign up for an account HERE and start earning points! Please note that one account is allowed per customer.

03. How do I earn the points?

Sign Up: New customers who sign up for the program will be rewarded with 100 points immediately! If you already have an existing account, no worries, your points from past purchases since January 2021 can be found HERE.

Purchases: All qualifying purchases earn points for every dollar spent.

Refer-a-friend: You can receive points once your friend completes their purchase. (Please refer the points table!) You can refer as many friends as you like.

04. What do the tiers such as Ever Green, Glowing Pink, Glossy Brown mean?

• Ever Green: 0-999 Rewards Points accumulated.

• Glowing Pink: 1000-2999 Rewards Points accumulated.

• Velvet Brown: 3000+ Rewards Points accumulated.

Please refer to the table on top for the benefits available to our members.

05. What are Exclusive Surprise Privileges?

If you are a member of Glowing Pink and Glossy Brown, you can enjoy our Exclusive Surprise Privileges

Details of the instant surprise offer will be notified via email and our official social media two weeks in advance. Stay tuned! 

No points will be accumulated for the amount spent in the Exclusive Surprise Privileges. 

Botanic Pretti5 reserves the right of final decision. 

06. What if I already have Membership Rewards account with Botanic Pretti5?

Awww, that’s great! You have automatically been enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program. Any purchases made since 1st January 2021, will be automatically reflected in your Membership Rewards account!

07. Does my member level ever expire?

Your current level of membership is calculated based on activity from the preceding calendar year. Your level of membership will be recalculated every January 1st. Membership Rewards Points earned prior to the preceding calendar year are not calculated into your level-determining balance.

08. What happens if my order is returned or cancelled?

Any points associated with that order will be deducted from your Membership Rewards account balance.

09. How do I leave the Membership Rewards program?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you would like to leave our Membership Rewards program, please email at and we will deactivate your account. Please note that deactivating your account will cause you to lose any accrued points. You may re-enroll in the program at any time, however, your Rewards balance will be reset to zero.

10. I need help with my Membership Rewards account.

Contact us at with any questions or feedback!